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Only 15 minutes from downtown Vientiane, our in-house roastery located at Sinouk Coffee Pavilion is always warm and running, churning out the aroma of roasted coffee beans. Expert baristas and coffee graders work for hours on in order to experiment with different roasting levels, elaborate new recipes and blends with new coffee varieties. Our constant innovation delivers coffee products that delight our consumers and leave them wanting more.

Consistent research and experimentation allow us to design relevant coffee products and improve existing recipes. We were the first coffee company to introduce Nespresso-compatible capsules in Laos, leading the parade of proposing lao consumers new ways of drinking lao coffee. Our revolutionary drip coffee sachets revolutionized the hunt for accessible quality coffee without relying on instant mixes.

In our roastery, we conduct cupping sessions with some of the world’s best coffee, including the best of Lao Coffee from different regions. Our founder, Mr Sinouk, enthusiastically participates in these sessions, imparting his rich coffee knowledge with the younger generations, upholding his legacy. Here, you may sign up for our half-day cupping session and experience the different flavours of coffee. Your regular latte or cappuccino will never taste the same after this!

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Sinouk Coffee Co. Ltd.

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