School Tour

School Tour

education knows no limits at the sinouk coffee learning house

There is something for everyone at the Sinouk Coffee Learning House. We have programs designed specifically for pre-schools and secondary schools. One of our missions is to impart coffee expertise, interest and passion to the following generation. Here at the Coffee Learning House, knowledge is gained, and new ambitions come alive.

We cater our program according to the learning needs and interests of respective age groups:

  • For young students, the tour consists of a hands-on sensory development experience with our coffee beans, a tour of our coffee history gallery, pop quiz, colouring activity and finally, outdoor play.

  • For older students, we go more in depth into various topics of coffee, such as its farming conditions, roasting levels, coffee cupping and a simple brewing and latte art class to end off the tour. No matter the age or itinerary, each student will receive a commemorative Sinouk Coffee Learner’s Certificate by the end of the tour.

Our tours are flexible and can be adjusted according to your learning needs. If you are interested in introducing a snippet of coffee education to your students, feel free to discuss your learning objectives with our Coffee Education team and develop a customized tour itinerary.