Private Roasting

Private Roasting

uniting your vision and our expertise to deliver the roast you desire

Private roasting

Do you wish to sell coffee? But under your own brand? Sinouk Coffee delivers personalized and Personal Roasting for your very own coffee brand and work closely with our customers to cater to all of their specific requirements. Additionally, Coffee under your very own brand name adds to your brand image.

5 years roasting coffee with passion

With 15 years of coffee roasting experience under Sinouk Coffee’s belt, you do not have to worry about product quality. Sinouk Coffee is a partner of choice thanks to both its roasting capabilities and manufactures personalised roasts with undeniable qualities. Our roasting process has been honed over the years and we continue to perfect our technique. Therefore, we bring the best of the organic coffee beans to our customers while unveiling the exotic taste of coffee grown in the Bolaven Plateau.

Sinouk Private Roasting : Roasting solution for independent coffee business - Corporate services

...Including many years in private roasting

As the best partner in private roasting, we help you manufacture a high quality private label coffee for the out-of-home market thanks to our personal roasting service. We have the capability to create an off-the-shelf coffee product within a matter of weeks. Contact us today to discuss the specificities of the blend you desire and set up your very own coffee brand!