French Roast

French Roast

5.00 out of 5
(5 customer reviews)


100% pure Arabica, enhancing flavor and aroma for a perfect
Espresso cup.




Our French Roast Coffee (100% pure Arabica) offers full flavor and aroma for a perfect Espresso cup. The Arabica green beans go through a fully washed process before we roast them to deliver a round-shaped body and outstanding aroma. This Lao medium roasted coffee is part of full range of products, carefully roasted to suit every coffee lovers’ palate.

Through this, we invite you to discover the uniqueness Laos specialty coffee from the Bolavens Plateau and enjoy the benefits of a good smell coffee.


Thanks to long lasting and trustful collaboration with farmers from the Bolaven Plateau, in Southern Laos, we are getting the best bean quality as the healthy coffee cherries produced are handpicked by 3 rounds, after growing on coffee tree under the ideal conditions: cool climes (1000-1200m alt.), volcanic fertile soil, shade cover.  Careful post harvest processing enable us to obtain quality beans which we then roast with care to serve the best cup in our coffee shops, Café Sinouk, as well as in many other restaurants and hotels.

Thanks to our Lao coffee expertise, we can offer you the best roasted coffee from Asia. In other words, to learn more about coffee harvesting methods and roasting processes. We also welcome all coffee lovers to visit our coffee learning house .



Our processing follows the strict organic IFOAM requirements:

    • Health: We do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
    • Ecology: Our objective is to respect the ecological cycles and balances in nature. For this reason, we reuse and recycle materials to improve the quality of the environment.
    • Fairness: Fairness and respect for all parties, from farmers and workers to final consumers, is essential.
    • Care: We want to protect the health and well-being of present and future generations as well as the environment.

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5 reviews for French Roast

  1. 5 out of 5

    hervy christophe

    Ce café a une saveur riche et il est très bon, que ce soit en expresso ou via une machine a filtre standart.
    je le recommande fortement.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Robert F Moore

    Today we received our Sanouk Coffee shipment and had our first cups of coffee from it. When we opened the box, the aroma was exactly as I remembered from Pakse; and the intense smell filled our home with delight. The flavor was once again the best cup of coffee I have ever had. No after taste bitterness,  intensely flavorful with or without sweet cream and delightfully complimentary to the cinnamon rolls my wife served with it. In our home we have the best coffees from Vietnam,  Kona Hawaii USA, Indonesia,  France, Africa and Colombia and a few other South American countries. This is now our number one favorite coffee and you should be very proud of this. On the Boluvan Plateau where this is grown, I firmly believe this to be the best combination of weather, soil, altitude, and motivated workforce,  making this the perfect opportunity to produce the best coffee possible and I feel you have accomplished this.

    Thanks for your attention to our request and fulfillment of our order. To anyone asking,  this eclipses any former coffee in my memory of over 70 years.

    Dr. Robert F Moore 


    • fai.sinoukcoffee

      Hi Dr Moore,

      Thank you so much for writing so vividly of our Coffee! We’re glad you enjoyed our Coffee, and we appreciate it that you recognised the conditions and efforts behind the production!

      We’re proud to be your number one Coffee in over 70 years and it’s great to have our efforts to be recognised by a customer!

      We welcome you back to Lao Coffee anytime you like!

  3. 5 out of 5


    I first tasted the coffee when my son brought it back from his holiday in LAOS,and i tried to search for the product online.Seller was very helpful to assist in delivery to Singapore. The coffee is aromatic, well-blend and smooth . My whole family enjoys the coffee very much.

    • fai.sinoukcoffee

      Hi Kok Choon,

      Thank you for making the effort to look for us and we’re glad to be helpful to you!

      We appreciate you writing vividly and kindly of our Coffee! Also, we’re very proud that an entire family from our Neighbouring Singapore enjoys Lao speciality Coffee!

      You’re always welcome!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Dan Campion

    My wife and I live in Thailand and we love the French Roast. We gave 2 bags to my son and his wife when they returned to the USA and it is now their favorite coffee. We just ran out and plan on ordering more soon.

    • fai.sinoukcoffee

      Hi Dan,

      Hope you’re doing well!

      Thank you so much for the comment on our product. We’re glad that you and your family love the French Roast!
      We are grateful to you for spreading the love of Lao Coffee!

      Hopefully, we’re able to deliver to you soon! Look forward to hearing from you again.

  5. 5 out of 5


    Years ago i bought Sinouk-Coffee on a Fair in Chiang Mai, and i missed this Coffee so much after running i ordered online a couple of kilos of this unbeatable Laos Coffee!
    If you ever had a coup of Sinouk Coffee you will definitely know what i’m talking about. Forget all other Brands, this is the coffee you should go for, i enjoy each cup. For me one of the best coffee’s in the world, even Lavazza comes not close to it!!!

    • Steven

      Thanks, Mr. Raimund for your review of our coffee and continued support of sinouk coffee products.

      We are looking forward to delivering you the coffee again soon.

      Best regards

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