Coffee Consulting

Coffee Consulting

build a foundation for success with sinouk coffee consulting

Whether you plan to operate a Cafe Sinouk Franchise, your own coffee shop, or improve your coffee experience, we have a solution that can benefit you thanks to our Coffee Consulting services. Using our extensive experience in the coffee industry and extended food and beverage industry, we will guide you on how to avoid the traps and pitfalls of running a coffee business.

More precisely, our coffee consulting services will provide you all the tools and skills you need about :

Sinouk Coffee Consulting : We help you plan and operate your food and beverage Business - Corporate services

  • Coffee shop design & organization : implement a cosy and ergonomic coffee shop and floor layout to maximize your customer experience.

  • Coffee shop management and operations : get the training from our professional team to set up an efficient and skilled team of staff and sales.

  • Food & beverage set up : we will help you establish the perfect menu to suit and satisfy your future customers.

  • Barista counter set up : we will work on creating the most ergonomic and functional barista set-up and floor layout to maximize your customer experience.

  • Equipment optimizations : from espresso machines to water filtration systems, we will help you to choose the right equipment that will fit your business requirements and budget.

  • We are 100% committed to customer success and will help you achieve a prosperous coffee business in the long term.