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About Cafe Sinouk – Khemkong

Café Sinouk Khemkong - The best coffee shop in Vientiane

Want to have a coffee break in Vientiane ? What about a fresh and tasty lunch or brunch ?

Café Sinouk - Khemkong is a double-storey café bistro, the first centrally located Café Sinouk. Facing the beautiful Mekong Riverside, you may enjoy breakfast or brunch and coffee on our Parisian-style terrace on both floors as the sunsets. Or, you could lean back into plush sofas and comfortable to spend special moments in the city center.

Our menu also include selection of lunch and dinner options with a privileged panorama. With a cup of the highest quality coffee in hand, it is easy to set worries aside and get involved for a mix of Lao and French inspired decoration. You will feel the harmony between local and all foreigners who wants to enjoy genuine local products. Once the lights of the Mekong Night Market come alive, a shopping paradise unfolds before you.

Besides coffee, you can enjoy cocktails in the evening until 11pm at Café Sinouk - Khemkong. Appreciate our famous and cosy Café Sinouk as well as its wide menu : a large choice of cheap and good homemade meals but also the best tea & coffee from the Bolaven Plateau, Southern Laos.

You can also enjoy many other delicacies : cakes, snacks and french bakeries, perfect to go along with the best espresso or the best latte in Vientiane.

Finally, you can also buy Sinouk coffee gifts or tea gifts directly at the coffee shop to bring back souvenir from Laos to your family and friends

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You can take coffee or food away!

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Sinouk Coffee Co. Ltd.

Rue Francois Ngin,
Quai Fan Ngum,
Vientiane Capital
Phone numbers:
+856 30 20 00 654

Monday – Sunday:
8:00 AM – 9:00 PM