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Throughout the whole Coffee Value Chain



All the green beans come from our own plantation and its neighboring farmers upon the Bolavens Plateau. It’s 1000 high altitude cool climate, good rainfall throughout the year plus a volcanic fertile and organic soil guarantee optimal conditions for growing coffee. Moreover, the shade cover of all our coffee fields allows a longer ripening time for the cherries, thus optimizing their perfect shape and weight. As soon as the rains stop in mid-October, the hand picking cropping work begins combined with highest care in selection and election of the best ripe cherries, and then skillful processing method makes us obtain the best quality of fully washed arabica green beans.


We process high quality green beans to supply mainly our own roasting needs. Such high quality beans, yet, are demanded by worldwide coffee connoisseurs.


The roasting process conducted by our years-trained experience master roaster, is critical. The combination of the best quality of beans, the performance of our roasting machine : time control, temperature and skill of our craft man, defines the outstanding quality of Sinouk Coffee. The final blending is the result of our ultimate know how. Every day we roast and serve our very fresh coffee to our coffee shops and distribution network.


Featuring a strong common corporate identity and concept, the network of our coffee shops is expanding to make Café Sinouk brand name more and more present and visible in the market. In a cosy and French touch ambiance, guests can enjoy classic and home-created recipes of homegrown freshly roasted coffee, served alongside with fine bakes, cakes and Bistrot-Café style international food.

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Our coffee plantation is the birth place of our coffee. We have built 3 Chalets amidst a magnificent landscaped botanic garden to welcome visitors all year long. Sinouk Coffee resort is today one of the major tourist destination of Southern Laos.


The Coffee Pavilion welcomes all visitors willing to know things about coffee : the history of Lao coffee, the production of coffee in the world, coffee benefits on health, the processing methods, how coffee flavours are obtained and determined, how to become a barista.