Sinouk Drip – Exclusive Lao Blend

Sinouk Drip – Exclusive Lao Blend


Fresh ground coffee

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The beans we roast come from our own plantation and our neighbouring farmers. The coffee trees grow under the best conditions: cool climes of the Bolavens plateau (1000-1200m alt.), volcanic fertile soil, shade cover. The healthy cherries produced are handpicked by 3 rounds. Careful post harvest processing enable us to obtain the best beans which we roast with care to serve the best cup in our coffee shops, Café Sinouk , as well as in many other restaurants and hotels. We also welcome all coffee lovers to visit our coffee learning house and share our passion for Lao Drip coffee.

Our Exclusive Lao Drip Coffee uses caffeine-rich Robusta beans to give you an energized start to your day. Packaged in individual sachet protecting coffee from light,enabling better conversation of aroma.




For instance, our processing follows the strict organic IFOAM requirements:

    • Health: We do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
    • Ecology: Respecting ecological cycles and balances in nature is one of our objectives. We reuse and recycle materials to improve the quality of the environment.
    • Fairness: Fairness and respect for all parties, i.e. from farmers and workers to final consumers.
    • Care: To protect the health and well-being of present and future generations as well as the environment.


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Weight 50 g




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Packaged in individual sachet protecting coffee from light, enabling better conversation of aroma.


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