Temper Coffee

Temper Coffee


Golden handle and elegant double-ended stainless steel tamper with mirror finish



Our Temper Coffee has a smooth and easy to clean surface. Diameter: 51mm.
Elegant double-ended stainless steel tamper with mirror finish. Compresses the coffee for a more complete and richer taste
Convenient to grip and press your ground coffee. Flat stainless steel base. Due to the well-distributed pressure it can be used with all types of espresso and coffee.
In other word, to press the freshly ground espresso before brewing. Indispensable for all those who love freshly brewed coffee.
The coffee that is compressed in the filter cup slows down the flow of water in the ground beans, This to extract more flavor in order to have a more suitable cup.
The calibrated espresso tamper is equipped with a 58 mm pallet and is designed to fit professional espresso machines.
However, any coffee and barista lover at home will appreciate this amazing Temper Coffee as a gift.

Sinouk coffee wishes to cover all your needs, for amateurs or professionals. We also propose about ten accessories for bartenders in our catalogues such as: Coffee Cupping Spoon, Latte Art Pen or Silicon rubber Temper corner mat pad

Do not hesitate to visit our whole range of accessories but also our roasted coffees in Laos.


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57,7 mm


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