Measuring Glass shot

Measuring Glass shot


Simple and transparent so you can easily measure the size you need



Our Measuring Glass shot is designed with thick glass for better durability.  This Glass Shot is simple and transparent so you can easily measure the size you need. You have the possibility to use it for different occasions. For example, for your cocktails but also for cooking in your kitchen. Whether whipping up breakfast, making a cake recipe, mixing  or other cocktail recipes. Heavy weight glass allows a clear view of the contents for more accuracy. It is compact enough to be placed in a drawer with kitchen utensils or coffee bar accessories.

The Measuring Glass shot has 2 types of units of measurement for a more convenient conversion. It is easy reading of the scale for a better measurement of the quantity. Perfect for measuring both wet and dry ingredients. You can also safely drink directly and measure while baking and cooking. Thus allows easy pouring of the contents, resists stains and will not absorb food odours.

Sinouk coffee wishes to cover all your needs, for amateurs or professionals. We also propose about ten accessories for bartenders in our catalogues such as :Coffee Cupping Spoon, Latte Art Pen or Silicon rubber Temper corner mat pad

Do not hesitate to visit our whole range of accessories but also our roasted coffees in Laos.


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40 ml


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