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Discover how Sinouk pioneered the development of Lao Coffee



When Mr Sinouk decided to come back to Laos and start a new adventure, his motivations were 3 folds :

  • Starting a business in Southern Laos, his home region
  • Create a social impact through the creation of jobs for rural communities and increasing their revenues
  • Develop a product or exploit commodities that would have an export potential

That summarizes pretty much the mindset of the founder, that today flows in the company’s DNA.

Here at Sinouk Coffee, we aim at creating a positive impact on communities, and set up favorable environment of collaboration for our employees, suppliers and partners.

Here are a few examples of initiatives we have implemented:


Education is the corner stone of a country’s development. Sinouk Coffee supports the school fees for our plantation farmers’ children in Thateng Village and continuously supports schools in Sekong Province with donations.

We also facilitate work schedule for our office staff to enable them to pursue their studies while they are working with us.

In 2018, we signed a MOU with the Lao German Technical college to host students and provide them opportunities to practice their skills within our company while they pursue their studies.


We are working closely with farmers from the Bolaven Plateau and ensure sustainable and fair outcomes.


At the beginning of his coffee journey, one of the most important point for Sinouk was to be able to create employment in Southern Laos. He successfully managed to do so with the development of the plantation.

Later in 2010, when Sinouk started the construction of Sinouk Coffee Resort, he had the long term view to develop Coffee Tourism, by highlighting the Bolaven Plateau to be a Coffee tourist destination, thus creating more economic dynamism in the region and more skilled staff for tourism development.

Today, the Bolaven Plateau is one of the main attraction of Southern Laos.


In our company, we welcome any individual who is willing to learn, be part of a team , and contribute to the success of our operations. We recruit on potential , rather than academics thus giving chance to the most motivated to show their full potential. We also warmly welcome persons with disabilities and create suitable place for them.

We also promote gender equality and Women Empowerment by providing women an men equal opportunities to access management position and responsibilities. We accompany them in their path to become leaders, and give them room to grow in a favorable environment, at their pace.
We are employing more women than men staff.

Pregnant women and young mothers : we accommodate their schedules and work place for their best convenience.

Sirina, Director of the company and Sinouk’s daughter, believes in Women Empowerment and Human Capital development as key drivers for the development of the company . Thus there is a constant focus on capacity building of the young Lao generation, knowledge sharing and diversity. This is a strong development direction for the company over the next few years.