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Discover how Sinouk pioneered the development of the Lao Coffee sector
and today continuously contributes to its expansion


Everything started in 1994 when Sinouk discovered the region of the Bolavens Plateau and its coffee.

Starting as a trader and exporter, he acquired the knowledge of green beans processing and world market mechanisms. He developed in parallel his own coffee plantation, located at 82 km from Pakse on a plot gathering the best conditions to grow coffee :

1000m high above sea level, cool temperature, virgin volcanic forest soil. This became the ideal place to start his coffee production :

The best produced green beans, combined with the skills of our master roaster enable to offer the finest gourmet coffee, appreciated by the most requiring connoisseurs, and served by numerous hotels and restaurants in Laos.

Today, the plantation is also well known for its landscaped garden and cosy lodges. It has become a must see place of the Bolavens Plateau where Lao people as well as foreign visitors flock in to rest and enjoy a unique and complete coffee experience.


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1994 marks a turning point in Sinouk’s life:
he discovered Lao coffee. A passion was born. He left he must contribute to the development
as pioneer of the Lao coffee sector, alongside with establishing the first Lao Coffee brand,
today still amongst the leaders of the industry.

Continually lead by innovation to maintain Sinouk Coffee as the flagship Coffee Brand of Lao PDR
and expand the Cafe Sinouk network on the domestic and regional markets.